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    Lanna Loy Kratong Festival Event

    Organize : Lanna Loy Krathong Festival by Lanna Resort

         We have been experience about organizer of "Lanna Loy Krathong Festival" at our resort. Lanna Resort , we have suitable lanscape for big event organization around 600 pax. of guest. Our landscape is wide-green garden and surrounded by canel. 

        On 2015, We got the challence project to invite 500 Chinese guest for Lanna Loy Krathong Festival 2015 at our resort. This theme of event is Lanna Style. We presented by Lanna Costume, Lanna Food Stype called "Khun Toke", Small Lanna Market, and Lanna Show.

    Credit Photo : Lanna Loy Krathong Festival 2015